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professional service
professional service

Who We Are

We are a Professional Services company specialising in end-to-end management of Digital Transformation projects in line with 4th Generation Industrial Revolution.

What We Do

We assist business Stakeholders in identifying and documenting issues and pain-points affecting their businesses. We then apply standard project viability assessment techniques to assist Leaders to make informed investment decisions on appropriate Digital Transformation solutions to the identified problems.
Thereafter we enable businesses to accellerate project delivery at minimum costs while maximising business benefits during implementation of Digital Transformation projects. We achieve this by using globally approved project management methodologies and standards in which we have more than 30 years experience.

Working With Us

We directly provide end-to-end project professional services to corporate client organisations that plan to Mordenise their business processes 

We form partnerships with other ICT organisations where we contribute towards accelleration of delivery and help the partner to minimise costs and improve profit margins in implementing projects. 

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Suite of Services

You can benefit from utilizing our suite of professional services
Digitalisation Strategies65%
Business Analysis75%
Solutions Design90%
Project and Program Management100%


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Latest Digitalisation trends

Why re-invent the wheel and enter into wasteful expenditure buying IT servers to host your applications? Server space is now abundantly available on a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet......


It’s no longer just about allowing devices to talk to each other as in the technology Internet of Things but it’s about allowing everything to talk about each other.


Working together has never been easier. Teams can now work together with team members regardless of location. Online video conferencing and free mobile applications are now getting introduced into the business environments.


Yes there is huge advancement in manufacturing execution systems and process control systems as these systems are now able to communicate and manage each other through cyber space thus adding intelligence into the manufacturing process to drive continuous improvement, knowledge transfer and data-based decision making.

Digitalisation everywhere and the numbers are increasing

Business Analysis
Business Analysis
Project & Program Mgnt
Project & Program Mgnt