There are several horror stories of project over-runs.  These result in most cases from either poor initial estimates of the effort and other costs required or poor control of the work in the course of the project.  Quality estimating is one of the key factors which will help to bring a project in on time and assist in cost control. This is the major reason why we stick to E-Business projects, because that is where our vast experience in estimating lies.

Why Estimate?

PRIMARY                        - to determine resource requirements
                                    - to determine related costs

SECONDARY                    - to produce input to scheduling
                                    - to provide basis for progress monitoring

A major activity during planning  is to identify the tasks needed to complete  deliverables.  This done the project manager will know the types of resources  required for these tasks.  Good estimates (and then a schedule) will increase the confidence of the owners of these resources and encourage their release for the  project.  They will also become the benchmark for monitoring progress during the course of the project.




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